How Much Does it Cost to Carpet a 10×12 Room in Westford, MA?

Carpet Options

If you are estimating the cost of recarpeting a room, it might seem tempting to find a carpet you like, measure the room, and then do a bit of basic math to arrive at a rough calculation. However, the real expense ends up fluctuating quite a bit due to multiple factors, which can include the price difference from one carpet type to another, the cost of installation, the difficulty resulting from how the room is shaped, especially if layers are involved, and many other elements that can affect the cost. While a specific cost doesn’t apply across the board on every carpeting situation, it is possible to get close to a ballpark of what to expect.

Start with the Measurement

If you began by taking down the width and length of the room, you’re off to a correct start. The actual space to cover for carpeting is going to be the square footage. This is generally arrived at by taking the width of the room and length and multiplying them together. For this example, we are dealing with a room that is 10 feet by 12 feet. So, the square footage needed will be 120 square feet of carpet at a minimum. However, this measurement is not where you stop when determining how much carpet is needed. Carpet has to be stretched and folded at the edged for a clean installation, so the true size needed will actually be bigger. There will also be some waste in cutting and finishing. Adding in another 10 percent will provide plenty of room to compensate for in a true measurement, which for a room of this size will mean we need 132 square feet of carpeting.

Understand How Different Carpet Types Drive Pricing

Carpeting comes in a variety of different materials. Some are all natural, and some are synthetic, and some are a combination of these materials. The pricing will vary significantly from a very low basic price to a premium level. While the lowest cost available will save money, it is also the shortest lifespan in most cases. Builders and businesses usually use this carpet for installation, so the demand drives price down and makes this choice very affordable. Unfortunately, this basic carpeting usually only lasts 5 to 10 years at best. Other choices include wool, acrylic, cotton, nylon, polypropylene, and polyester.
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Typical Pricing

Natural materials are going to cost more. On average, wool tends to anywhere from $6 to $25/sq ft and cotton will be oddly a tight range between $8 and $10/sq ft. On the other hand, the synthetic materials will cost far less, usually anywhere from as low as under a $1 to $4/sq ft. Generally, synthetic carpeting is far less expensive to produce, so it can command a lower price point. However, the carpet that people love the most in terms of feel and look tends to be natural, ergo the higher pricing as well.

The Style Also Affects Cost

Carpeting comes in a number of different forms and styles. The more intricate the style, the higher the price goes. Cut piles tend to be the most common and basic carpeting. It’s a standard style and easy to produce. However, other styles like the loop pile tend to be more intricate and raise the price of the product higher.

Carpet Options

Installation Costs

The expense of the work has to be considered. For a room this small, there will typically be a minimum service trip charge of $325. This charge covers the cost removal and disposal of existing carpet and pad.

Assuming the room is completely cleared of furniture and belongings, then the work involves the removal of the old carpet and installation of a pad as the cushion layer underneath the new carpet. If, on the other hand, the room is not cleared, then there will be an additional furniture charge of $100 to $200 or so for the manual work of moving the furniture. After that, there is the cost of padding, which will be $0.67 per square foot, which for 132 square feet is going to be $88.44. Then the work to put that and the carpet in is usually $1/sq ft at least depending upon the material selected, adding another $132 for the work.

So, given all the above, the total installation cost will likely run anywhere from as low as $400 to as much as $2,000. Again, the price range depends on a lot of different factors that fluctuate depending on what a customer wants. And, there is room for negotiation as well. It’s a bit hard to argue a bargain in a single room, but a whole house can command better pricing too.

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