What are the Labor Costs to Install Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring can be an easy and affordable solution to achieve quality flooring. Laminate is durable, scratch-resistant, and can be placed in even the highest traffic areas. While you can take the DIY approach to install laminate, it’s often best to let professionals take care of it for you. It’s important to understand the average […]

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What You Need to Know When Replacing Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles have been known to break. They may break in the kitchen or entryway, creating an eyesore. They may also break in the middle of an office or hallway, causing a safety hazard, as well as just not looking nice anymore. Replacing ceramic tiles is a process – and S&R Carpet and Floors can […]

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The Complete Guide to Mohawk Airo Carpet

Carpet is one of the most common choices for homes due to the aesthetic and how soft it is. Mohawk Airo Carpet has become a popular choice in recent years – and at S&R Carpet & Floors, we can provide a comprehensive carpet installation. Our professionals can walk you through the options and provide a […]

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Vinyl Plank Flooring vs Laminate: What’s the Difference?

Vinyl Planking

Both laminate and vinyl plank flooring are affordable, customizable, and durable flooring options. They are also equally easy to install, and they even look similar. However, if you are choosing between them too and cannot make your choice, you should know about their key differences. What Is Vinyl Plank Flooring? Vinyl plank flooring is one […]

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Laminate vs Vinyl Flooring: What’s the Difference?

Laminate Vs Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring and laminate are both affordable, durable, and customizable flooring options that are often used for both commercial and residential projects. One of the main advantages of both flooring options is that they are easy to install. They can even look quite similar, but there are some significant differences that need to be taken […]

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