Resilient Vinyl Flooring

When it comes to flooring that needs to be the best value for the dollar and also needs to be durable and can take high traffic, resilient vinyl in the choice to make. Whether it’s in the cafeteria, employee bathroom or break room or as well as in high traffic commercial areas or work areas with a lot of moisture and water spilled, this commercial flooring choice continues to stand up where others will fail shortly. Best of all, the flooring type is extremely easy to install, replace or upgrade.

Because resilient vinyl is fabricated artificially, it comes in an assortment of colors and shades. Further, some of the latest choices also provide multiple options for textures as well. In the old days vinyl only came in flat sheet. Now, one can have vinyl that looks like stone, hardwood, and even ceramic tile. And a good number of textures or shades can be custom-made as well with a special order and enough lead time provided for fabrication.

Another big benefit which has been around for a long time is commercial resilient vinyl’s incredible ability to resist moisture penetration. Many natural flooring choices and even ceramic or stone ultimately fail with water because natural material allows for penetration. And once the water gets underneath, then the damage occurs and can’t be repaired easily. Resilient vinyl, on the other hand, doesn’t let the moisture get below. Instead, the water stays on top and can be wiped off easily without any penetration.

Commercial resilient vinyl has proven itself decade after decade to last longer than most other floorings except ceramic or stone. The durability is tremendous, and even if a piece needs replacing, it can be done quickly and easily without ripping up the entire floor. Carts, heavy rollers, equipment, daily employee traffic and even weight do not breakthrough easily if at all.

At S&R Carpet and Floors we stock a full inventory of commercial resilient vinyl flooring for all types of installations and facilities. We can take care of your building or office without a problem, and our technicians can resolve an installation efficiently and without mess.