Commercial Carpet Installation

Commercial carpeting for your business and workplace does not need to be a big challenge to figure out. While there are lots of elements in the flooring industry that tend to complicate things, carpeting is one of the easiest and most effective floorings to choose for a workplace, and it’s the fastest way to improve the interior appeal. In fact, carpeting alone can turn an old office into a new work environment with one installation.

Commercial Carpet Installation in Westford, MA

There are a few questions you should have be able to answer before starting the flooring selection process with carpeting, as they will determine whether carpet is appropriate for your building:

  • ​What is the purpose of your facility? (i.e., office, hotel, convention center, or industrial settings)
  • How heavy will the traffic being going in and out?
  • ​What kind of a visual presentation do you want to have for the setting?
  • ​Will there be any kind of chemical storage on or near the flooring?

If you have the answers to these questions already squared away, selecting commercial carpet becomes relatively easy. These four questions alone address most of the issues with the differences between carpet selections available.
At S & R Carpet and Floors, we’ve been helping commercial customers with flooring for over four decades. Because of our long-term experience in the business, we can help you pin down exactly what works best for your building and flooring needs, removing the ambiguity, confusion, and frustration, and instead providing you with a smooth transition from old to new flooring. If you need to install carpeting that can withstand extended foot traffic, such as in a hotel or convention center, we have the materials you need. If you’re looking for a professional office setting the evokes modern style and presence, we can provide that for you as well.
There’s a reason why S & R Carpet and Floors keeps being selected from some of the largest flooring projects in the region, and that’s because we combine quality, with budget-conscious strategies, and we match the right flooring to the job every time.
Do not go in blind when selecting commercial carpeting. Let us help you match the specifications and qualification of flooring available to what you need for your building. We address all the commercial building requirements, including fire safety and industrial quality certification, and you get a building with flooring that people will admire and want to be in.