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​Quality flooring is not a skill or trade someone just picks up overnight and is able to provide. It takes a lot of training, understanding how different flooring works, knowledge of how different offices have unique needs, and learning how to produce high quality floors on every job hired. This is what makes the difference between a basic hire, and a professionally performed floor replacement. S&R Carpet and Floors has been handling commercial and residential floor replacement for the last 40 plus years since 1979. That produces a lot of combined experienced that other folks cannot duplicate automatically. It also means customers get some of the best service possible in the Massachusetts area bar none.

​Combine our service with competitive pricing and a willingness to customize to meet customer needs, and you have a winning package few can match. Here are some of the most popular choices available which we can install professionally.

Carpet Installation

Being one of the most frequent types of flooring used, carpet is also one of the most durable forms as well as the most flexible and varied. It also provides an increase to insulation and temperature control, which saves business owners money during the coldest parts of winter or hottest summer days. Carpet also provides people a very easy way to upgrade a building with a simple changeout, dramatically changing the color and feel in a one-day installation. Carpet can provide passive benefits as well, helping people with avoiding serious injuries from falls as well as dampening noise so that folks are not disturbing each other as much from one room to the next, which is a particular issue in multi-story buildings.

Laminate Flooring

This laminate is a big step up from the typical vinyl flooring so many of us remember as kid in the kitchen area. Designed to handle both the issue of higher moisture risk on the floor as well as easy cleaning and a far greater choice of textures and styles, laminate material gives folks a wide range of choice that was not so available twenty years ago. Even better, some of the very nice laminates duplicate wood patterns rather well. The big plus with laminate as a choice tends to be how well this type handles wear and tear, and it can be easily laid on top of old hard flooring, cutting down a lot of the installation cost that comes with the removal labor.

​Luxury Vinyl & Plank Style Flooring

Vinyl has for years been the go-to for large jobs that need to be installed within a tight budget. It provides a durable surface that is highly water resistance and last for years under high traffic wear and tear.

Luxury vinyl still provides the commercial grade quality for endurance and provides the heavy protection for waterproofing, but the luxury options can provide a space a significant step up in hard flooring with a ceramic look or a fancy tile appearance that avoids the cost of the actual tile work itself. Not to mention, vinyl stays warmer and does not transfer the cold like tile will do directly from a cement foundation.

Resilient Vinyl Flooring

​For utility flooring one of the best choices remains resilient vinyl flooring. It provides one of the smoothest surfaces possible for easy cleaning, and the seal avoids cracks crevices which are notorious for allowing grit to build up over time. This is the ideal material to have in a professional high traffic area that will otherwise take a beating daily from lots of carts, people, equipment and similar.

Cork Flooring

For whole office projects, or for building owners who want a natural look and feel, cork is one of the best ways to go. It has been a long-standing material used in building as well as insulation due to its durability as well as lightweight application. The material choices is also a key sustainability material for those who are looking for a “green” alternative in their office or building design. Despite the cork we think of in wine bottles, cork flooring is extremely strong and can last up to four decades. Cork also comes with natural benefits of being mold and mildew resistant and termites hate it. Finally, cork has no chemical off-gassing effect when installed, being entirely a natural material.

Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Flooring

​When it comes to having a floor that provides the toughest surface available, porcelain is going to win the contest in terms of impact resistance. Porcelain also does not let moisture penetrate through, something that cannot be said for basic ceramic tile which eventually absorbs water when exposed. Due to the same nature of impenetrability, porcelain is ideal when stains need to be avoided as well. This combination of protection has made ceramic and porcelain tile one of the longest lasting materials available, and similar tile created centuries ago still existing in some building in Europe.