Commercial Ceramic Tile

Among the commercial flooring choices, ceramic tile has been a longtime favorite. It provides a sense of classic appearance, the ceramic nature is highly resilient to traffic and use, it works in any kind of a room or setting, and commercial ceramic tile transitions nicely between main rooms and special use such as bathrooms, kitchens, entry passageways and similar.

Today’s commercial tile comes in a variety of types, from plain utility ceramic to highly decorative stone appearance with polished patterns and textures. The flooring choices are so varied and special, many facilities with high traffic have used commercial ceramic tile create mood settings for the entire room and environment when installed.

Commercial ceramic tile has been around for centuries. Many of the world’s most famous building and churches used tile for flooring which has lasted for decades under regular traffic. While eventual chipping can occur, tile is extremely easy to replace without having to redo the entire floor. It resists flooring and dirt and grit as long as the mortar between the tile is kept up and maintained as well. Being fired at high temperatures, tile is extremely resistance to the elements as well.

The application of commercial ceramic tile varies quite a bit as well. It can be used both in an outside setting as well as inside. Eventually, tile in heavy traffic areas does need to be resealed, but this is usually once a decade, even in the highest traffic areas. And the resealing simply puts another protective layer back on the tile itself to prevent scuffing and scraping of the ceramic itself.

Once installed, commercial ceramic tile has proven to be very easy to maintain with very little work on the part of the building owner. Simple vacuuming, sweeping and a bit of mopping is all that is needed to remove any grit that could otherwise be ground into it over a length time with traffic and weight.

S&R Flooring and Carpets can install and meet your commercial ceramic tile needs on all size buildings and flooring projects. No commercial size is too big, even warehouses and airports can be handled by our team. To find out more about commercial ceramic tile and how it can work in your business or work environment, give us a call for an evaluation. We can help.