Too often commercial flooring has been limited in the past to basic approaches and styles. For years, one could go from building to building and probably find the same flooring every five locations. However, with some of the breakthroughs in materials, a significant amount of selection is now available, and the valuable aspects of durability and high traffic resistance having been compromised to make it happen. This what commercial vinyl flooring offers today.

Vinyl Tile

Commercial Luxury Vinyl & Plank Flooring in Westford, MA

Modern Vinyl Choices

Commercial flooring provided with vinyl comes in multiple formats that range from wood simulation to woven fabric appearances to stonework and tile. In addition, there are multiple collections available, many that match all types of interiors or gives a new life to buildings and floors that would otherwise seem difficult to renovate. In the past, many renovations require extensive removal and installation. However, with modern commercial vinyl it’s quite easy to leave the old flooring in and simply use it as a foundation for new commercial vinyl flooring. The approach cuts installation time down tremendously as well as the installation cost.

Vinyl Flooring Benefits

Unlike the vinyl of yesteryear, modern commercial flooring provides multiple benefits as a commercial flooring choice. These include:

  • Significant resistance to scratching and scuffing as well as some of the best stain resistance possible in flooring
  • Easily flexibility during installation around heavy fixtures since vinyl comes in modules, not rolls
  • A wide range of colors and patterns to choose from
  • Extensive texture choices with modern vinyl printing and fabrication
  • Long life expectancy, especially in high traffic area applications
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Advances Choices Available from S & R Flooring

Being one of the most experienced commercial flooring experts in the area, S & R Flooring can produce a full facility renovation with the most efficient approach for your needs. And the choice of commercial vinyl helps commercial building owners stay well within project budgets even with the labor involved. That’s because the vinyl flooring provides projects the best of both worlds: high quality and long-lasting flooring that requires the least amount of labor to install and delivers a highly attractive appearance when finished.
So, when it’s time for your building or facility to changeout its flooring for a new look that appeals but can also be relied on not to fail, S & R Flooring’s commercial vinyl is the answer. Give is a call to find out more.