Residential Laminate Flooring

Many who have grown up in the 1970s and 1980s think of their homes as kids when someone mentions laminate flooring. Back in those days, the flooring was plasticky, peeled after a while, and had colors that were never produced again because they were something that needed to stay in the past. That or vinyl was a common floor surfacing in kitchens and common rooms in many homes during that period. However, today’s laminate flooring has been improved significantly and provides a very advanced product for residential applications.

Residential Laminate Flooring Installation in Westford, MA

Not Your 1970s Flooring at All

Clear advantages of laminate flooring including high durability as well as far lower cost in covering the same flooring space that would otherwise be anywhere from double to five times as much with other flooring choices. Laminate also frequently has a longer lifespan, particularly in high-traffic areas where there’s a lot of activity on a daily basis. And, unlike decades before, residential laminate comes in a number of choices that are very competitive in terms of aesthetics, such as wood style and tile style format. These choices have a very similar appearance to authentic tile and wood flooring, but they don’t cost near as much to install and can be put in place much faster with less labor as well.

Laminate Stands Out in Every Renovation Comparison

When building owners and clients need a full-size facility change, laminate is one of the best choices to work with. The speed with which it can be installed means minimal downtime for your facility as well as your people. The materials can be put in place with significant coverage in a matter of days, if that long, and the results produce a professional flooring look that practically makes your building internally new looking again.

S & R Flooring Provides Your Expert Flooring Laminate Installation

To find out more about how laminate can refurbish your building and work areas, give us a call, and let us provide you an evaluation of what can be done with your facility. You will likely be surprised by what’s possible, as well as how easily it stays within your planned budget as well. Our S &R Flooring team is ready when you call.