Residential Cork Flooring

Cork is a natural wood that has been used for centuries, many are familiar with cork in the form of a stopper in wine bottles. However, cork has also been used for a number of functions ranging from boats to insulation to even high-quality flooring. Cork in its plank form can be installed readily as flooring in a variety of settings, including high traffic areas and work environments. The flooring provides an amazingly easy floor material to install, it lasts long, provides for a natural flooring versus artificial material, and it absorbs sound as well, which especially useful in multi-floor applications.

Commercial cork flooring provides a function, high-performing flooring choice that also gives building owners and construction modelers a renewable choice that easily meets environmentally sustainable criteria in green building development and construction. And, best of all, commercial cork flooring tends to be very cost-competitive against other flooring choices, especially against other natural wood flooring selections.
Cork comes in a variety of shades and colors versus the light beige version one sees in wine bottles. It can range from very light appearance to a dark mocha style brown coloring as well. Additionally, the textures can range quite a bit as well from very seamless flat flooring to textured patterns with wood swirls. Because cork can vary so much and has such a naturally aged look, it can be both viable for commercial settings as well as durable and functional as well.
S&R Flooring and Carpets regularly provides and installed commercial flooring for a variety of clients large and small. With a solid inventory of cork flooring choices, we can provide your facility with an amazing wood floor look and appearance that also provides you a functional flooring for heavy office or retail traffic as well. Cork provides businesses a great, low-cost choice for a wood flooring look that provides a natural appearance as well as a notable sustainability contribution as well. If you want to have wood flooring without breaking the bank and do a bit of good for the environment, cork will be your flooring choice.