Luxury Sheet Vinyl

When it comes to areas where a lot of people work, wear and tear can occur easily. No matter how well prepared, no matter what social rules one applies, damage happens with more frequency when more people traffic the same location. No surprise, commercial flooring needs to be able to take a beating, resist moisture of all types, and still look good. Commercial carpet can’t typically hold up in certain settings because as a fabric it eventually falls apart. Wood flooring can also have problems with durability over time, and it doesn’t do well with moisture. However, commercial sheet vinyl provides a very strong and durable alternative for commercial settings that could face considerable wear and tear.

Commercial Luxury Sheet Vinyl Flooring in Westford, MA

Commercial Sheet Vinyl Benefits

First and foremost, vinyl provides an extremely good moisture resistance for your flooring. Because it is not organic, vinyl doesn’t absorb moisture in the way that a commercial carpet or wood flooring would. Additionally, vinyl can take an impact far better than ceramic or wood floors; it doesn’t crack, flake or chip. Right from the start, vinyl outperforms its peers which is particular attractive in the commercial arena where durability and longevity wins big points. After all, who wants to be changing out their flooring for a commercial building every three years?


Over time even vinyl flooring can start to dull with age. However, unlike carpet and wood which ultimately need to be replaced, vinyl can be restored. With a simple treatment of stripping the top layer and resealing it, the sheet vinyl can easily be returned to a brand-new look. This is because the sealant layer of the vinyl ultimately takes all the beating, scratches, and microscopic dirt, not the vinyl layer underneath. This allows sheet vinyl to produce one of the best flooring values possible when compared all flooring types together, both in upfront cost and life cycle.

To find out more about how commercial vinyl can be applied to your facility and building footprint, contact S & R Flooring for commercial flooring experts. We can easily manage small- and large-scale commercial applications, and we can do so with an efficient installation and finish for commercial sheet vinyl application.