4 Common Flooring Renovation Mistakes to Avoid in Westford, MA

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Installing a new floor can really remake a home or business, but it can also trigger a big money pit if the wrong steps are taken. Flooring might seem simple; after all, how hard can it be to lay down something flat and secure it? In reality, it can be very complicated. 

The critical mistakes vary and appear in different phases of the project, so there’s no one magic step that can avoid disaster. Instead, one has to be wary throughout the entirety of the project, avoiding minefields and keep things on track as originally expected. Experienced floor installers are used to these challenges and can often anticipate problems before they start to develop. However, for folks who are trying out their first flooring project, critical steps can be missed from a lack of awareness, and then things can get messy.

Choosing Cheap Flooring Options over Quality Materials

It may be very tempting to save money and go with cheaper flooring material, but it’s a mistake. Cheap flooring material tends to fall apart quickly with usage and foot traffic, and it can make the entire a project a waste of time. In many cases large parts of the flooring will become heavily damaged, and the completely new floor may end up having to be replaced all over again. Cutting corners on projects that are intended to last for a long time almost always ends up costing more money in the long run.

The same advice goes for the installation expense as well. You get what you pay for, and when a project goes tight on the installation service, then the quality of the work will be poor as well. Some folks go even further, thinking they can handle the work themselves too. However, floors can be complicated due to how much customization is needed for different cuts and sizes. Quality expertise makes a huge difference, and the end product will show it. 

Rushing the Job

People frequently have a disconnected idea of how long a flooring project can take. The simplicity of modern flooring pieces and how they connect together makes it seem like the job can be done in a day or two. This isn’t always true. In fact, most flooring jobs done well take a few days to a week to cover everything correctly. Customers should work with the time the installer estimates and then double it to be safe. This will avoid scheduling problems as well as unrealistic expectations. 

Cheap Flooring

The Wrong Flooring Choice

With so many different flooring choices out there, it’s quite easy for customers to pick the wrong flooring style and type and not really know it until the installation is complete. New products look flashy and interesting, but that doesn’t mean they are an appropriate fit. It’s really worth spending time looking at samples and getting a good idea of what will actually work well in a home and location. That research can avoid a lot of expensive mistakes and improve satisfaction when the installation is finished.

Relying on the Wrong Measurements

Bad measurements can happen in a lot of ways. First, plain old measurement mistakes are common and easy to make, oftentimes caused by reading a measuring tape wrong. The second way metrics can be off can be with transposition. Numbers can seem familiar and correct, but when they are written down and then transferred to a contract and put in a computer, mistakes can happen. And the result can affect everything from piece cuts to the amount of flooring bought. In the least the problem can cause certain cuts to have to be repeated. At its worst, the job could have too much material or not enough to finish it.

Handling a Flooring Project Right

A flooring project doesn’t have to be a big mistake and disaster in your home. S & R Carpet & Floors provides a wide selection of flooring as well as professional flooring installation in one package. Working with our team your home can be re-floored correctly, with the right choices that also fit your home well. Give us a call or email to find out more or visit our website to see what’s possible with new flooring today when it’s done right.

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