How Long Does Carpet Last? 6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Carpet in Westford, MA

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The typical lifespan of a home carpet is somewhere between a decade and 15 years, with the variation often being associated with how much that carpet is walked on as well as the quality of the carpet itself. Lower grade basic carpeting won’t last very long at all before showing wear sides and flattening. Higher grade carpeting will last longer, take more abuse, and hold up, but eventually it too will begin to fail closer to the 15th year than the 10th in many cases. That said, there are some situations that speed up failure, often being visible. Here are six symptoms that really holler for a replacement very soon:

Flattening Out of the Carpet

Matting or compression of the carpet happens after years and years of traffic. Temporarily, the carpet might rise a bit after a vacuuming, but it’s been so damaged from pressure and gravity it simply can’t stand up anymore. The piles are crushed and can’t maintain their structure anymore. This is very visible when one compares the existing carpet to a sample of new material; the differences becomes obvious.

Permanent Stains

The problem with real life is that accidents happen. Whether it’s a dropped drink or a pet accident, stains get into carpets and eventually no amount of cleaning or deep chemical treatment can pull it out. The stain gets into the fibers themselves and changes their coloring. When that happens, the stain will remain obvious and darken over time. Stains tend to vary based on what caused them (protein, oil, tannins, or dyes), and that will affect their permanency and visibility as well. For a while, people might be able to cover up a stain with a rug or furniture, but enough of them make it clear it’s time to replace the carpet altogether.

Lingering Odors 

Have you ever walked into a room in someone’s home, and it had a distinct old musty smell? Many think that comes from the furniture. However, in reality, it’s frequent coming from an old carpet underneath one’s feet. People who live in a home often don’t notice, having gotten used to the smell and mentally ignoring it. However, it always comes back when one takes a trip and returns after a bit. When that occurs, it’s a clear signal the material needs to go.

Obsolete Padding

With areas that suffer a lot of high traffic the padding underneath the carpet takes a beating too. Eventually, this foam pad fails and flattens, making walking on that area of the carpet harder on the feet than other areas. Walk without shoes on those areas, and you can feel the different versus low traffic areas. Padding failure is hard to see, but it definitely can be felt. 

Obsolete Padding

Prior Water Damage and Mold

Some carpet areas have a higher risk of water damage that others, especially if they are near the kitchen or the carpet extends right into the bathroom area. When that occurs, carpets have a horrible habit of soaking up water and not letting it go very easily, especially if the moisture gets underneath the pad. When that happens, the sitting moisture can create a vibrant environment for mold to start. It will smell, spread, and stain the material. If found, the carpet and mold both need to be removed. In some cases, it can be toxic to breath, particularly in smaller rooms like bathroom areas. 

Increased Allergy Reactions

Carpets don’t let go of fur, dust, and pollen very easily. In practice one has to vacuum high traffic areas almost daily to keep it clean. Most people don’t do that, and as a result allergens build up over time. If you’re finding you’re having sinus issues, colds, and allergic reactions almost daily, there’s a good chance your carpet is the source. For anyone suffering from allergies, a full replacement is probably one of the most effective ways of regaining relief again. 

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