The Complete Guide to Mercier Flooring in Westford, MA

Mercier flooring is a common consideration for home and business owners but as with any decision of this magnitude, there are questions that have to be answered first.

Fortunately for any prospective client, there are a number of professional flooring installation services that are willing to help out. Whether business owners are looking to make necessary improvements or homeowners are in search of a whole home install, Mercier flooring is sure to come up.

The beauty of Mercier flooring can be admired in-home and business applications. To learn more about all of the most commonly asked questions, take a moment to check out the following guide:

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The Difference Between Solid and Engineered Wood Flooring

Since these are the two main styles of Mercier flooring, it is easy to understand why clients will need a detailed explanation about the differences between each of them. Solid wood flooring is stapled or nailed to the subfloor. However, it will be installed on the ground floor. Most professionals will not recommend the usage of solid wood flooring in basements because there are high levels of humidity that affect its stability.

With a hardwood plywood base and a real hardwood top layer, engineered wood flooring is a bit different. Because of its layered design, it will stand up to humid conditions much more easily than solid wood flooring. Most species of engineered wood flooring can be glued, nailed, stapled, or installed, depending on the needs of the client.

How Can The Floor’s Initial Appearance Be Maintained?

In order to make sure that the floor maintains its initial appearance, maintenance is of the utmost importance. These floors come with a fine layer of finish that is designed to keep them protected for years to come. In order to properly maintain Mercier flooring, it is recommended that the home or business owner use Mercier cleaning products.

The dealer that provides the flooring should be able to provide these cleaning materials, so no worries there. If the room in question is going to have a sizable amount of furniture inside, the home or business owner will want to make sure that they are placing protective pads in these areas. This will keep the floor protected from all the unwanted scuffs and scrapes that tend to take place in these instances.

How Much Does The Room Where The Floor Is Installed Matter?

Mercier experts recommend different flooring for different rooms. The client will need to consider the species of wood in question so that they are making the best possible choice. For starters, those who are handling projects in higher traffic rooms will usually want to choose a rougher, more textured wood. Thanks to the rich, contrasting appearance, it is much easier to camouflage the daily mishaps.

Hardwood species are also recommended for any room where objects are repeatedly being dropped to the ground. That’s why so many businesses will choose this style of flooring for those high-traffic areas. It can be hard for a company to clear everyone out for a stretch so that they can install new flooring. That’s why choosing durable flooring material is so crucial.

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Why Is Additional Flooring Needed For The Area In Question?

The amount of Mercier flooring that the client is going to be ordering will depend on the area in question and the type of installation that is taking place. As a rule of thumb, most professionals will recommend that the home or business owner order at least 3 to 5 percent more flooring than necessary. There will typically be some wood loss during the cutting process and this extra flooring is designed to compensate for that.

After all, the last thing that any client wants is to be forced out for more materials when they are already in the middle of a job. That’s why the DIY types should not be taking on these types of projects. There are simply too many understandable mistakes to be made in these instances, mistakes that can be costly from both a time and money standpoint.

Meanwhile, those who are handling projects where they are flooring at an angle will need to obtain even more additional flooring. It is recommended that the client obtains more extra flooring for these types of projects, at least 7 to 9 percent. If the floors are Herringbone? The client must be willing to order at least 15% more flooring, as a means of making up for any and all potential losses.

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