What You Need to Know When Replacing Ceramic Tiles in Westford, MA

Ceramic tiles have been known to break. They may break in the kitchen or entryway, creating an eyesore. They may also break in the middle of an office or hallway, causing a safety hazard, as well as just not looking nice anymore.

Replacing ceramic tiles is a process – and S&R Carpet and Floors can help with replacing tiles and updating the overall aesthetic of your flooring.

If you are going to replace ceramic tiles, there are a few things that you need to know.

Tools Needed to Remove Ceramic Floor Tile

You’ll have to consider how many tiles you’re going to replace. If you use one or two, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t disturb any of the surrounding tiles. However, if you’re replacing the ceramic tile in an entire room, you can be a bit messier.

It’s not as simple as getting the tile out and replacing it. You’ll have to remember that you’re also dealing with grout, caulk, and adhesive.

For replacing a few tiles:

  • Use a grout saw
  • Crack the tiles with a hammer and chisel
  • Use a putty knife to remove the old adhesive

For replacing an entire room of tiles:

  • Use a pry bar and/or a flat-edge shovel
  • Crack all the tiles with a sledgehammer
  • Use a circular saw to cut through tiles and adhesive
  • Use a shovel and wheelbarrow to scoop and cart the debris

Once you have the tile out, you’ll want to remove the adhesive that is still sitting on top of the subfloor. Otherwise, the tile isn’t going to lie flat.

While some adhesives may peel up on their own or with the use of a putty knife, you may want to use a chemical. A methylene chloride base can be effective at getting the adhesive up. Just remember that these fumes can be potent, so you’ll want to make sure that the area is well-ventilated.

Apply New Tiles

When you are ready to lay the new tiles, make sure that they are the right size. If the tile is going against the wall or around a corner, it may need to be cut.

You will want to apply tile adhesive to the back of the tiles. Then, press them firmly into place. Be sure that it is flush with all of the existing tiles.

Force grout into the various joints and remove the excess grout before it has a chance to dry.

If you are replacing more than one or two tiles, you may also want to use spacers. This will ensure that all of the new ceramic tiles line up with one another.

Tips for Simplifying the Process

Especially when you want to replace one or two ceramic tiles that are chipped or cracked, you want to make it as easy as possible.

There are a few tips that you can follow:

  • Soak the tile before you lay it so that the air pockets fill with water. It will create a better bond with the mortar/cement.
  • Cut tiles before you soak them so that you don’t get a jagged edge
  • Rope off the area for at least 24 hours so that it all has a chance to cure

Why Applying New Flooring Over Ceramic Tiles is Not Recommended

When you’re replacing ceramic tiles in an entire area, the easiest thing may be to apply the new flooring directly over the old flooring. The reason that this is problematic, however, is because it can result in the floor being too thick.

After some point, you have to consider that a floor is too thick. It can make it difficult to transition from room to room. Additionally, you may have to shave down the height of doors so that they’ll close over the higher floor.

By breaking up the ceramic tile and removing the adhesive, you can get back to the subfloor. Then, you can apply ceramic or porcelain tile – or any other type of flooring that you might want.

Call a Professional Flooring Company

Whether you’re replacing a few tiles or an entire room’s worth of tile, it can be overwhelming. What seems like an easy project can get considerably more difficult once you begin. That’s when the intricacies become visible.

Calling a professional can ensure that you get a premium aesthetic for your flooring. At S&R Carpet and Flooring, we have professional tile installers who will know how to get tiles up without cracking the surrounding ones. Additionally, we have decades of experience with adhesive, grout, and more. We’ll get the right match so that the floors look flawless. You’ll never know where the tile was replaced.

When you need to replace tiles or have an entire room redone, contact S&R Carpet and Flooring to learn more.

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