The Complete Guide to Mohawk Airo Carpet in Westford, MA

Carpet is one of the most common choices for homes due to the aesthetic and how soft it is. Mohawk Airo Carpet has become a popular choice in recent years – and at S&R Carpet & Floors, we can provide a comprehensive carpet installation. Our professionals can walk you through the options and provide a custom quote.

What makes Mohawk Airo Carpet unique? Check out the complete guide to understand why it is a worthwhile investment.

Why Mohawk Airo Carpet was Created

Airo is a new type of carpet that was created by the Mohawk brand of flooring. It is designed to offer “pure peace of mind” because it is hypoallergenic and VOC-free. Additionally, it is advertised as being easy to clean, which is why it’s a popular choice for those with pets and young children.

Note the actual spelling of the carpet – air.o. This is a play on words to show how it can have a positive impact on the air that you breathe.

Most carpet is known to be problematic for people with allergies. It’s because it captures allergens within the fibers.

Mohawk decided to focus on the science so that people could rid their homes of allergens while still being able to enjoy soft flooring underfoot.

The fibers in these carpets won’t absorb moisture, so allergens and microbes won’t grow.

There’s also a unified construction that improves airflow. Dust and dirt are released during vacuuming, which is almost the opposite of what happens when vacuuming traditional carpet with padding.

The floor was also carefully designed to be a smarter choice for homes and the environment. It’s the only 100% recyclable soft flooring on the market because it’s made from just one material. It won’t end up in the landfills, so you can add it to your home with confidence knowing that you have done your part to help the planet.

The Benefits of Mohawk Airo Carpet

You’ll find that there are several benefits to buying Airo carpet by Mohawk.


The hypoallergenic fibers and design will allow you to enjoy your flooring without sneezing.


Dirt and dust are released during vacuuming instead of trapping them deeper and deeper.


No latex or harmful VOCs means that you can enjoy beautiful carpet the moment that it is installed without any intoxicating odors.

Integrated padding

There’s no need for a separate cushion. Instead, this carpet integrates a premium felt pad to soften every step.

Beautiful colors

Find Airo carpeting in a variety of colors so that it can coordinate with the various elements of your home.

Flexible flooring

The carpet is more flexible because of not having latex and fillers. This means that it is easier to install and won’t scratch baseboards or walls along the way.

Mohawk warranty

Airo was developed by Mohawk, so it comes with a warranty that you can trust. There are various warranties incorporated for your protection that cover everything from stains to fading to the overall cushioning of the carpet.

Installation Requirements

While installation is easier because of it being flexible and lightweight, there are still some requirements that have to be considered.

  1. Any and all existing carpet and padding needs to be removed.
  2. The subfloor should be sufficiently prepared. If adhesive is being used, the temperature should be at least 50 degrees inside the space.
  3. The pile direction should be consistent throughout the installation process.
  4. Seams should be straight edged from the back as opposed to being row cut.
  5. Seams do not need to be sealed. As for transitions, Airo should be trimmed and tucked when transitions are taller than the carpet. When they’re shorter, molding should be used to protect the edges.
  6. Mohawk Airo branded tape or adhesive should be used to produce the best results and maintain the warranty.
  7. Lay the Mohawk Airo so that it is flat with no tension over the adhesive or tape. No stretching is required.

Basic Care Instructions

To keep the carpet looking good year after year, there are a few care tips to consider. With a quality vacuum and a few basic carpet cleaning supplies, you’ll have all that you need to maintain the Airo carpet.

  • Treat stains and spills immediately
  • Use products that have been approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute of America
  • Vacuum your carpet regularly to keep the color and texture looking vibrant
  • Use scissors if you have a sprout or a snag — don’t pull or you could damage the carpet.

If you notice that you have a stain or another issue with your carpeting once it has been installed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at S&R Carpet & Floors. We have many tips that can help you address problems so that your carpet looks as good as new in no time.

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