7 Types of Commercial Flooring Available in Westford, MA

Commercial Flooring

Needing flooring for a commercial setting tends to be a straightforward decision. However, once a business or building owner gets into the choices available, commercial flooring can actually seem a bit complicated with how many choices and variety exist in each category. This is why it’s a good idea to go into a decision with a bit of an understanding what each commercial flooring type provides and can offer in terms of benefits. Here are seven of the major categories to consider:

Laminate Flooring

Because it can have a very good similarity to wood flooring, laminate flooring wins a lot of points for appearance. It can be applied in sheets or in planks, depending on how one wants the material to look or be installed. The pricing of laminate tends to be a lot lower than wood flooring as well as other commercial choices as well. In terms of durability laminate also performs very well, resisting pressure as well as fending off the wear of heavy traffic quite well. It’s not the best choice for high moisture environments, however, because laminate tends to be constructed with a core made of wood. Once moisture gets in, that wood core can expand and cause damage. So, it’s not the best choice for a moisture-prone area.  

Engineered Hardwood

This choice comes in multiple layers the way that it is fabricated. The top layer tends to be natural hardwood. Underneath the inner layer involves other materials that provide its structural durability. Engineered hardwood does do better with moisture, and it won’t expand or warp if exposed to water contact. However, on the durability scale, engineered hardwood doesn’t do so well. The top layer, again due to being natural wood can be cracked and splintered as well as gouged by weight. It will show scuffing and scratches over time. The price point tends to be middle of the range compared to other choices, and it will require more maintenance over time to keep looking nice and polished. 

Solid Wood

One of the oldest styles of commercial flooring, especially in large classic halls, solid wood provides a warm feeling as well an aesthetic appearance that is natural, sustainable and design conscious. Many large meeting and venue halls have chosen to remain with solid wood because of its impression and overall presentation. Solid wood does tend to be a high-end choice, and it pays off with the reactions people have once installed. It’s often used for entrance ways and main common traffic areas visible to the public, but it also tends to remain a classic in older buildings that heavily used natural products for decades before artificial flooring products became common.  The most challenging aspect of solid wood, however, tends to be the cost. It is definitely in the higher range of expense, both in terms of product as well as installation. The maintenance of solid wood is also more frequent, especially in high-traffic areas that eventually need to be sanded and polished for a clean look. 

Vinyl Composite

Installed in tiles versus sheets or planks, vinyl composite has been a frequent commercial go-to choice for many large facilities both because it has high durability and longevity that is proven in case after case as well as very affordable price point. With basic care and protection vinyl composite generally tend to outperform other choices by decades, almost to the point that building owners find themselves dealing with an unexpected issue, updating the material for modern looks versus vintage styles. However, vinyl composite does require waxing as well as polishing to keep it looking new and professional in condition. The work can be demanding and typically requires a team to come in and work the related equipment for the right finish. The most common example of this type is often seen in hospitals, large public venues with a government-style look, and cafeterias. As a result, vinyl composite has long had a reputation of being impersonal or “cold,” but it is a top practical choice for many industries. 

Luxury Vinyl Tile

A variation if vinyl tile that is geared towards high quality appearance, it comes in many styles, many that replicate other types such as stone, tile and even wood. The advantages tend to be presentations that appeal and look like far more attractive styles but do come with the cost or the weaknesses of natural choices. Luxury vinyl tile is often protected by a transparent layer that acts as a buffer. As long as this layer is regularly maintained, the vinyl underneath will last for decades. 

Broadloom Carpeting

For facilities and buildings were sound needs to be dampened carpet is an ideal choice. It breaks up sound waves and does not let them travel through layers, which is ideal for buildings with multi-levels and offices. Carpeting also provides a nicer look and aesthetic as well as a warmer feel to a working environment as well as a commercial or retail placement. Many folks think it might be hard to deal with because the carpeting they think of is the residential style. However, broadloom is a flatter, tighter weave designed for durability and can be installed in tile format versus rolls and sheets. Broadloom does provide a very nice and luxurious style appearance for commercial environments, but it can be costly to install, and it wears down faster than hard surface choices like tile and wood. 

Regular Carpeting Tiles

This commercial flooring style allows tremendous installation and design flexibility as the carpet tiles are laid down in sections and pieces versus entire sheets. Carpet tiles are produced is a very large variety of patterns, colors and textures and range from very basic and utilitarian to highly detailed. They can also be mixed for an array of even more patterns and styles. There are many options in how they can be installed, including cushion layers, which gives carpeting a wide range of application, from schools to exercise centers to offices to labs. 

Making the Right Selection

At S&R Carpets and Flooring, we know you can have a challenging decision when trying to match the right flooring to your specific needs, building and environment. We carry and can access all the categories above as well as many specialized flooring choices as well, and we provide the professional installation for each type as well. We can guide you through the entire process so that your flooring choice is matches with your expectations, your needs, and your budget for the project. Give us a call or email, and we’ll be glad to work with you through your next flooring plan and strategy. Don’t leave one of the largest investments for your building to a basic choice of price points on paper or to blind pick. Let us help you make the best choice in flooring all around.

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