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Construction: 90% Polypropylene – 10% Nylon
Face Weight: 26oz.
Gauge: 3/16
Texture: Level Loop
Fiber Feature: Generic
Dye Method: Solution Dyed/Yarn Dyed
Country Of Origin: Proudly made in U.S.A
Pile Height: .166”
Width: 12′
Pattern Repeat: None
Durability: Excellent durability in all traffic levels.
FHA Rated: Yes
Sustainability: CRI Green Label Plus
Warranties: Lifetime Anti Static, Stain, Soil, Pet Resistance. 10 Year Abrasive Wear, Texture Retention, Fade-Resistance, Manufacturing defects


What is the construction of this carpet?

This carpet features a 90% Polypropylene and 10% Nylon fiber blend which combines durability and functionality.

What is Face Weight in carpet terminology?

The face weight is defined as the amount of fiber in the carpet per square yard when weighed. This carpet’s face weight is 26 ounces which means it has a substantial dense pile.

What does Gauge 3/16 mean?

The gauge on this carpet is 3/16” which is defined at the spacing between the tufting needles during the manufacturing process. It correlates to the texture and appearance.

What is the texture of this carpet?

This carpet consists of a level loop texture creating a clean uniform surface helping to lower the amount of dust and other particulates to penetrate down into the fiber getting trapped.

What does “Generic” mean in Fiber Feature?

“Generic” fiber means the carpet fiber is not made from a specific or patented rand but from industry standard fibers.

What are the Dye Methods used for this carpet?

This carpet features both a solution dyed and yarn dyed method. This process ensures color consistency throughout and resistant to fading or staining.

Where is this carpet made?

This carpet is proudly made in the United States.

What is the Pile Height of this carpet?

The pile height of this carpet is 0.166 inches, providing a relatively low-profile and smooth surface.

What is the width of this carpet?

This carpet comes 12′ wide.

Is there a pattern repeat in this carpet?

This carpet does not have a pattern repeat.

How durable is this carpet?

Due to the construction of this carpet it is considered extremely durable and easy to maintain.

Is this carpet FHA Rated?

Yes this carpet is FHA rated

Is this carpet environmentally friendly?

Yes this carpet is considered sustainable since it is CRI Green Label Plus certfied which means it meets a strict indoor air quality and emission standard.

What warranties are provided with this carpet?

This carpet comes with several warranties, including a Lifetime warranty for Anti-Static, Stain, Soil, and Pet Resistance. It also offers a 10-year warranty for Abrasive Wear, Texture Retention, Fade-Resistance, and manufacturing defects. Be sure to review the warranty terms for specific details and coverage.